What is Monster?

Monster is a lightweight, robust and easy-to-use library with modest ambitions.
Monster integrates easily with your existing websites without taking over everything.

Here's (what-is-monster) what Monster is all about. In section getting-started
you can read how to integrate Monster into your own web projects.

Monster has a free license and therefore you are free to customize Monster to your needs.

Monster is a collection of functions and classes that can help in the daily work
with Javascript to get faster to the goal. Monster does not require you to be the
only library, nor does it require you to use only Monster.

Monster itself has no dependencies and works perfectly with other frameworks
like jQuery or Bootstrap.

The design goals of Monster's core library are:

  • Easy integration with existing user interfaces.
  • Robust interfaces
  • Tested code and good code coverage.
  • No dependencies on other libraries