Contribution Guidelines

General Principles

  • Company-Wide Contributions: We encourage every member of the company to contribute to this main project. Your insights and code make us better.
  • Derived Projects: If you are working on a project derived from this main project and have developed features or fixes beneficial to the main project, please create an issue and submit a merge request.
  • Always Operational: The main project should always be in a fully functional state. This allows any team member to clone the repository and start working without extensive setup.
  • No Half-Baked Submissions: Please only submit completed and thoroughly tested work. If your changes are stable, tag a new version.
  • Documentation: Prior to contributing, please read through the available documentation to understand how the project functions.

Steps for Contributing

  • Create an Issue: Before starting any work, create an issue describing the feature, fix, or improvement. Link the issue to any corresponding projects or discussions as necessary.
  • Branching: Always create a new branch for each issue you are working on.
  • Code Review: Submit a merge request for code review. Make sure your code adheres to our style and quality standards.
  • Tagging: After merging and ensuring stability, tag a new version.

By following these guidelines, we maintain a high standard of quality, reduce the margin of error, and work more cohesively as a team.

Thank you for your contributions.