Monster serves as an excellent option for crafting visually striking and high-efficiency web UIs and websites via contemporary JavaScript development practices.

Utilizing advanced JavaScript functionalities like classes, WeakRef, WeakMaps, proxies, and the MutationObserver API, Monster combines proven techniques with pioneering web elements.

Engineered for smooth amalgamation, Monster augments your ongoing web endeavors without overwhelming the overall framework.

In contrast to approaches that add an entirely new level of complexity and exclusive languages, Monster emphasizes on bolstering the inherent strengths of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in web development.

Aiming for superior performance and exceptional results, Monster seeks to achieve this with a reduced amount of JavaScript code.

Important note: As of version 3.52.0, this repository contains all components of the previously separately maintained repositories. As of this version, the separate repositories are deprecated.


To install MonsterJS, use the following command:

npm install @schukai/monster


Import Monster into your project:

import Monster from '@schukai/monster';

Then, you can use Monster's features to enhance your web application.


For detailed documentation and examples of how to use Monster, please visit the official MonsterJS documentation.


This project is licensed under the AGPL-3.0 License, professional support is available upon request.